Welcome to the IoT Gateway

The web server hosts any type of content under the Root folder. These are accessible directly from the root / in web applications. The Graphics folder contains graphics for different libraries that are included, such as Emojis from Emoji One, etc. The Highlight folder contains code from the Syntax Highlighter project by Alex Gorbatchev.

You can publish content written directly in Markdown under the Root folder, without preprocessing them or compiling them. Files with extensions .md or .markdown will be automatically converted to HTML if viewed by a browser. To retrieve the markdown file as-is, make sure the HTTP GET method includes Accept: text/markdown in its header.

You can make your markdown pages dynamic by the use of Script. Script allows you to perform calculations, draw graphs and access logic in your back-end applications, such as accessing databases, etc. The script engine is extensible, and is very easy to extend by modules loaded by the web server. Check out the Script reference page for more details. You can also use the Calculator to play around with script.

You can also host dynamic CSS (CSSX) files, containing script embedded between sun characters ยค. Such script will execute on the server, and the results inserted in the CSS before being returned seamlessly to the browser. This allows you to adapt the layout of the page based on user context, and allows for use the consistent use of themes across applications.

When the IoT Gateway runs, it loads all dynamic link modules (with file extension .dll) automatically. All extensions and executable modules defined in these modules will be found and started automatically.

To use this server software, you need to accept the License agreement. Check out the License page for details.

The IoT Gateway is © Waher Data AB 2016-2019. All rights reserved.