IoT Gateway

The IoT Gateway project consists of a collection Rapid Application Developer Tools for IoT and an application host for Internet of Things related applications. The source code is available on GitHub, under a commercial license.


The IoT Gateway consists of:

The IoT Broker, all Protocol Bridges and Little Sister® are examples of applications built using the IoT Gateway and its libraries.

Mastering Internet of Things

The IoT Gateway is presented in more detail in the book Mastering Internet of Things. Source code examples are available on GitHub. The book is available on Amazon, Packt, Bokus (2), or other online book stores.

Mastering Internet of Things
Mastering Internet of Things
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Source Code

The source code of the IoT Gateway is available on GitHub under a commercial license.


If you have any questions or comments, if you would like to request added features, or if you would like to license the software, please go to the Feedback.