Peter Waher at the Congreso Futuro 2017
Peter Waher at the Congreso Futuro 2017


My name is Peter Waher, and I work with Privacy, the Internet of Things and Social Networks. I’m also an author. You can find my books at Amazon, my professional profile on LinkedIn and some of my presentations on Slideshare. Any important news will be posted on the News page and to my Twitter account. You can contact me by e-Mail or Skype. You can also leave Feedback here. For more information on particular topics, follow any of the links below.


Internet of Things


I grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. I have a M.Sc. in mathematics (with honors) and am also a trained commercial pilot and flight instructor. I began my career in the computer games industry, but have dedicated the last 26 years to machine-to-machine communication and the Internet of Things, and related areas. I’m married and have two beautiful daughters. I enjoy the outdoors, and creating fractal artwork. While having worked and lived in USA and Chile, I presently reside in Sweden. But my heart resides in Chile.